Finance Manager in Luxemburg

Saliha Merini
Saliha Merini

20 years of experience in finance, as an accountant, in the beginning of my career, to be finance manager today allowed me to gain a strong background in various financial areas for multi portofolio companies based in different countries.

Expertise areas:
–>Management : General management, financial management, tax management, team management, board member, investment committee member, risk function for process and governance, general financial functions.
–>Reporting and compliance functions : localgaap/IFRS, controlling, tax compliance LU&BE, regular financial reporting to board meeting.
–>Merger & Acquisition, restructuring : accounting & tax aspects.
–>Strong experience to implement and to improve an accounting and tax department.
–>Strong experience in various projects.

Board member at FFCEL (Fédération des Femmes Cheffes d’Entreprises du Luxembourg)